Cncest 6040 manual

Results 1 to 3 of 3. It came with somewhat of a manual on CD and although it took me a while to set it up in Mach3, But I figured it out and it has had no significant problems. It has been a good production machine. So I went ahead an purchased the USB version of the from the same vendor; but it seems like they are a completely different seller comparing to the first purchase, even though they have the same seller name on eBay.

They have the typical inability to communicate in engrish or understand questions: "How long of a cord should I use? It arrived in the same packaging a the previous one, but had parts damaged h2O pump. They furnished a link to supposedly some drivers. Luckily I had the previous experience with the parallel port version.

It looks similar to this: Up until recently, I had still not been able to cut with the USB version I purchased since I could not consistently control the spindle; that, and there is rusty residue in the output from the spindle in the cooling tube, and it makes a bad bearing sound when starting up.

I was concerned the water jacket was leaking and had damaged the bearings, so I removed the 80mm spindle from the clamp and proceeded to take it apart. Of course, I searched many, many posts here on CNCzone before starting, via Google and on YouTube looking for info on how to disassemble safely, and while I found some other information on other spindles and taking them apart, but I never found specific details on this particular spindle; I am sure there are a lot of these spindles out there, and there were some that were similar, but not this model.

So, I am providing this review of my disassembly and re-assembly for everyone who has an interest or need to perform this process. Note: I took photos during the disassembly so everthing may not be exactly in the correct order.

The specific model is a: GDZ When you click spindle button 'on', it spins up, and click spindle off, it turns off, but will not accept a command from G-code or from the MDI manual data input. It has occasionally recognized an M03 and M05 in the past, but mysteriously just for a short period, and I am was not knowlegable enough to know why. Any ideas? Well, here is the good news: I solved the spindle control issue.

Since there is RARELY any documentation in an understandable format provided for any of the electronics or mechanical systems, you are pretty much on your own. For six months since I got the machine I did not have time to troubleshoot it.

cncest 6040 manual

Mysteriously and intermittently, sometimes I could get the spindle to work by clicking the spindle button in Mach3. Since this was the USB version, I had no idea how it worked and the cryptic chinese vids and docs did not help. I carefully took the cover off the controller and took photos for later reference which I compiled into a single shot which I share here. What I found is that the USB version seems not to care about pin details as much as the parallel port version.

Anyhoo, I hope that this will help others who are in the same boat as me. Do you think you could help me set it up? No manuals. No cd. I would like to compare settings if you would. I can get it to read in inches but when I restart mach3 it always reverts back to mm, so I have to change it back to inches every time.Help Remember Me?

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hi Guys, Been a long while saving to get the money together to buy a from ebay. I know, I know lol that despite some bloody good advice from you guys I went for it and have built a worktop for it on my garage. It's now up and running! Got it up and operating using mach 3 and from some test g codes logos etc. I have ran the stepper motors and they appear to work well. Spindle and VFD look good also. Now here is where the learning curve really gets steep.

AXYZ CNC Router Manual

Now that I have set the machine up and got it ready I'm looking to learn the basics of operating the machine and cutting effectively. Not the same as CNC I appreciate.

cncest 6040 manual

I really need pointers and advice guys on how to start and iron out all my silly questions etc. Simple things like orientation of workpiece. Simple and best practice for setting 0,0.

Looking at adding limit switches and anything else to make it easier to work with. Guess that it's not the designing the work, it's the physical aspects of zeroing and setting the job up cutting speeds and advice etc.

Sorry if this sounds a bit lame. The reason why I went for the chinese cnc was so that I can get on with learning how to use mach3 and actually making items rather than the CNC. Will start with work orientation the axis x and y seem the wrong way round when looking at the machine bed in a landscape orientation. I know this is the way the machine is set up. But is this normal?

Large carved panel of the Last Supper with CNC. Панно Тайная Вечеря

Is it worth trying to swap the the x and y axis? Sorry if this sounds so stupid. But I guess I won't learn if I'm too worried asking dumb questions!

Thank you guys. Hi, congratulations! I was there some years ago, so lets see how we can make your learning faster. Here are some tips for youi will try to order them like steps: 1.

Mach3 -Buy it if you haven't done it already. Dont use cracked version. You will need help and will have a lot of questions, use their forum also. It quite worth the money. You don't need limit switches, you could use software limits, but you should have known it if you read the manual 2. Buy some good and cheap router bits. Not Chinese, they are crap.Results 1 to 11 of Can some one with the same Machine or knowledge of the setting can tell me if this is correct!

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I made some changes to the d-codes and now it runs with pc and manual, were before the spindle would not, Manual or Mach3 PC. I got this list from the net but the post was for a V spindle and mine is V. Can some one check there d-codes and compare. Thanks for any input. Be sure to thank etiennebertrand for taking the time to put this together!

I have the same machine v W although it's a 4 axis but have not got it set up yet, need to build a bench. But I'm sure with the help of the manual I won't have any problems. Hope this helps! Also if you haven't seen this thread be sure to go through it as well, lots of good info.

Originally Posted by mjmurphy Page 6 install manual Attached. I think it is a great bargain for the cost! I wonder if the cost are going to increase now with Chinese Tariffs!! Works Great! Attached Thumbnails. I used Vectric Vcarve Desktop very nice program easy to learn.

The drag bit was found on ebay very good bit! Thanks Clayton! Need help! By koolkleptokidd in forum Chinese Machines. Replies: Last Post:AM.Help Remember Me? Thread: cncest help getting started. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Not a lot of information to go on. Post a photo or two to set the context, if possible. If you're new to this This is normal and you are expected to click on the button on-screen to get into a running mode.

What is the behaviour of "Reset" within Mach3?

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You mention XP - is the machine connected through the parallel port on the computer? Replies: 74 Last Post:PM. Getting started and already confused By Palletlad in forum General Computing. Replies: 10 Last Post:PM.

Replies: 2 Last Post:PM. Replies: 0 Last Post:AM. By bobgrant in forum New Member Introductions. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. New to the forum, looking for Boxford TCL Fresh start 14 replies, latest reply by John14 Hours Ago. Ali Express 8 replies, latest reply by cropwell17 Hours Ago.Progress has been good in getting the T running. Mach3 is not like PathPilot but then it is an all things to all machines software whereas PathPilot is dedicated to the Tormach family.

As a result of this Mach3 does take a bit more getting your head around and there is a lot more under the hood settings and adjustments that you have to address. The first problem was the RnR USB interface card and trying to work out which port was which on the card connections. I had to make changes to the Mach3 Config for this.

If anyone needs screen shots of these setups send me a message. Having been used to homing the Tormach I decided that adding limit switches to the would be a good thing. I fitted 6 microswitches and wired them in series via their normally closed contacts to create a loop. I connected one end of the loop to the Input 2 terminal on the card terminal strip Port 3 and the other end to ground. Any switch when activated will now break the loop and create an alarm condition.

The same switches also perform the home reference function. Mach3 just looks for a break in the circuit relevant to the function being asked of it — it knows when it is homing and it knows when it is running and looking for a switch break.

I made 3D printed mountings for the switches and covers for these. I had to add extra wiring to the cable forms both on the machine, through the connector cable to the control box and inside the control box. Fiddly but done.

There was a protruding M3 screw holding the interface connector in place which was acting as a crude carriage stop. Fitting the switches has now made setting up more repeatable and it consistently goes to 0,0,0 when doing a Reference All. Having referenced the spindle head, it can then be moved to the WCS zero ready to run a job.

This involved downloading a plug in file to add to Mach3. I am waiting for a delivery of TackPack superglue to stick the cable wiring in place, hence the fluorescent green masking tape. The flat cable is standard ribbon cable stripped down to be the right number of cores as needed.

Note that I replaced the backing plate on the Z mounting the bright aluminium as seen in the first picture as this protruded too far down and would not allow the microswitch to be easily mounted.Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents.

CNCEST 3040T CNC Router Update

You already have your own numerical control engraving machine, but you need to carefully know it and master it, in order to make it your good assistant as soon as possible. Before installing and using this machine, you must read carefully about this manual. Please properly preserve this manual for reference in the future. Page 8 Please Please carefully carefully read read above above picture picture setup, setup, mistake mistake mistake of of of of any number number number or or or or option option option Please Please carefully carefully read read the the above above picture picture for for setup, setup, and During the process of trial run, if we found the running direction of the axis is incorrect, we can change the "Dir LowActive" Page 10 If the test shows that water pump and spindle motor are normal, you may begin go engrave.

Otherwise, the rotation speed of cycles may let the spindle motor generate extremely high temperature within short time, and let it be burned. This is a simple graphic engraving of pictures and texts, and it is also the main purpose of engraving machine. Page 15 a tool, and if you want it to play a more important role and engrave better objects, you must have the ability to "send command" to it. The command that can be executed by the engraving machine is called "processing code", and in order to produce these "processing codes", you have to learn some software.

Print page 1 Print document 15 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.

cncest 6040 manual

Upload from disk. Upload from URL.Then You need to initiate Trade with Zonito (Accuracy: 42. If you have any question on how the app works check out the FAQs.

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With 2016 moving into its closing stages, drupa a distant memory and reverberations still being felt from another successful Labelexpo Americas, the label and package printing industry is on the crest of a wave that promises to take it straight into a bumper Labelexpo Europe 2017. These developments will continue to take place as run lengths decrease, more versions and variations are required, time to market decreases, and ever-more complex and exciting label solutions are created.

It is all of these demands and pressure that will increasingly see label and package printing companies move rapidly towards ever more automation of both their administration and production process workflows, using sophisticated management information systems (MIS) that will be integrated with specialized inspection and color performance software and technology, through to fully automated press and finishing line set-up.

In 2017, the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) anticipates that the pace of change is not going to slow. Technology is changing the way consumers are shopping and the internet has opened up myriad ways for consumers to make informed decisions about what they buy. Competition to sell is therefore intense.

The retail journey is also changing from big box supermarket shopping to convenience driven multi-trip shopping patterns. Ultimately this is opening up a range of opportunities for the print industry in offering pack and product personalization, customization and premiumization.

Brands want to add value to their packs to create differentiation.

CNC 6040z-s65j User Manual

As a result of these trends, and confirmed by members and partners, EFIA is seeing a keen focus on stand out graphic design utilizing new tactile coatings and ink effects, as well as the use of complementary flexo and digital print systems to deliver short runs of customized packs.

Pack designs are being tested more regularly with sophisticated variable data to connect to digital marketing campaigns enticing the consumer. Further growth in retail ready or shelf ready packaging is also helping to deliver the in store stand out as well. The message is clear: the industry is not standing still.

The pace of change is accelerating and the opportunities for industry growth are significant. LED ink curing is set to grow substantially next year. Digital print has made product multi-versioning and label multi-language versioning easy and quick. While over 20 percent of brand owners we surveyed said they do not currently source digitally-labels, they nevertheless say they want their label converters to have digital capability on their production floor.

European brand owners will also continue to demand higher quality at lower prices from their packaging suppliers, and are increasingly looking to the developing economies of, for example, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia as viable label sourcing channels.

What is more, our most recent Radar research confirms interestingly that more than 70 percent of them claim that they will not be migrating from self-adhesive labelling technology to another format over the next 12 months. Sustainability will be a headline topic in the agenda of the entire supply chain.

Waste management will be the prime concern of Finat and its sister associations around the world in 2017. If the European economy avoids a slowdown in 2017 there may be some catching up and consequently a good 2017 for labels and packaging.


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